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Radio Sets
WS19 as taken by N1JR
WS19HP in Willys Jeep - Bill Pozniak
Willy Vinken
VE1NU's WS19's etc...
Wireless Set No.19 & 31 AFV
PA3EJB, GERT's C11 Station
C-12 in Ferret
Wireless Set No. 22 and Accessories.
TCM-2 WWII Navy transmitter - Dale KW1I
TBX-4 System by Ken W7EKB
Carlo Fontanelli's GRC-19 & GRC 106
Walter Haring's Wireless Set No.12
Wireless Set No.38 Mk3
Claude surprenant's Canadian WS27
Wireless Set No. 48 by Janez S57J and his son
Brian (G3ZQI)'s WS62
Roger Francis' Photos
Swiss army SE103
Sound Ranging used by the Royal Artillery WWII
Photos by Dave Prince VK4KDP
Wireless Set No.19 HP
Roberto Orlandi's WS38 Mk1
Hans v/d Velden WS38 MkII*
Photos from Alister Mitchell
(Glasgow, Scotland)
Paul Beijer with the GRC-3035
Chris Jones' WS19 project.


Wireless Set No.58
RAF R1475, Type 88 receiver.
Sperry spark transmitter.
Peter Park R1116A Receiver
BC-654 Receiver/Transmitter by Matt Kiesling
Gert PA3EJB's C12
Gert PA3EJB's WS19 sets
Brian G3ZQI's WS21
GRC-9 Station
Roberto IV3ROBY's Radios
Jan Terranea's W.5737 receiver
Mike Cox - Type 102E
Old Photos by Alister Mitchell
Tony Hibberd's BC-620
Peter Park's MK - 123
Richard Howell's MCR-1
Tony Hibberd's ZC-1
John Watkins' Russian R-807
Mk 128 TX/RX
Fullerphone photos by Peter Park
URR-10 Direction Finder
BC-611-F & BX-49
C11 - R210 station
ZC-1 Installation
R209 Receiver
Unit, Voltage Dropping No. 1, ZA. 31940
Regulator, Voltage 24V Input No. 1, RAC 1957, ZA 38591 (for R209 Mk2)
Wireless Set No.48
Wireless Set No. 38 Mk. 2
Hallicrafters S-27C UHF Receiver
R103 (Cdn.)
Wireless Set No.88
Zenith 520A/URR
WS MR431 (A43M)
AN/CPT-2 Beacon Transmitter
Russian Military Radio US 9 BC 348 Receiver
B2 Mk2
Matching T1403 transmitter for the R1124A
Russian RUT1/R1230/UGAR2
Wireless Set No. 78
Wireless Set SR OS (Sound Ranging)
Racal PRM-4031 station
The oldest known 19Mk II made by Canadian Marconi
Reeciver R107 Tropical
Reeciver R107
Receiver R1155
Receiver R1155
Receiver R1155
Receiver R1155
Wireless Set No. 12 and HP RF Amplifier No. 1
Wireless Set No. 31 AFV
Wireless Set No 11
Wireless Set No. 33
Abbot Self-Propelled Gun FV433 & Command Post FV432 Communication System

Abbot Self-Propelled Gun FV433 and Command Post FV432 Communication System (Larkspur era) The main photo shows the Command Post Installation, consisting of the B48 FM radio and ATU; Amplifier AF No. 1, 2W, complete with loudspeaker; J1 box; two Gun Control Units; two external line Interconnecting Boxes.

A rare and unmolested PYE MkII.
Courtesy of VE3WWN.

Chuck W1HIS < - > G4MSF WS19 to WS22 Transatlantic CW Contact 2002
Paratrooper with WS 18 at wireless tent
Antenna with guyed masts
G4MSF < - > W1HIS WS22 to WS19 Transatlantic CW Contact 2002, RSGB published Article
Wim van der Zwan
Photos of 60th Anniversary of D Day 6th June 2004. World wide events.
WS (Cdn) 19 Mk III in HQ-Coy 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, D-Day Plus 2 re-enactment, Boonsboro, MD, October 2003.
Troubleshooting - 32uf 450V cap exploded soon after picture was taken!!
32-uF 450-V HT1 cap exploded
19 Sets in wireless tent WS 19 MkII (Zenith) & MkIII (Canadian Marconi)
Dave Kormanicki KB3ELD
Breck K4CHE
Fred Cornelius display
Stuart Fedak VE3SMF
Wireless Set No.19 High Power RF Amplifier
Frequency Meter BC-221-AK
Class D Wavemeter No.1
Class D Wavemeter No.2
Frequency Meter TS175-A/U
Class D Wavemeter No.1 in Transit Case No.7
12 volt 22 Ah radio battery
Field Strength Meter ME-61/GRC
A VERY tidy and new looking Class D Wave Meter No. 1
WS19 Amplifier RF No.3
Wireless Set No19 Aerial Base No.9
ARC-5 Dynamotor.

Air Ministry Transmitter Master Oscillator plug in T.1083.

Ben's Canadian pocket watch for the No.19 set

Click here for watch info

WWII Battery box (photos from Hans)
Dick Mason's Spy Set Steam Generator
Ben's Wireless Set No.19 accessories
Headsets, mics & Junction Boxes, by Mike R
PSU No. 5
Frequency Meter T-74
Vehicle mount for the CPRC-10
Absorption type Wavemeter set I-129-B manufactured by James Millen Mfg Co Inc. in 1943.
WW2 Microphone pre-amplifer for the T1083, T1115, & T1154 transmitters
Aerial coupling unit "F" used with WS No. 12
Walter Blanchard's RF24 look-alike
Class C Wavemeter No 1
Rejector Unit No 1 MK2
Rejector Unit No.1 Mk2 ZA 23831 by Keith Watt RN (Rtd.)
Unit Relay A41/A42 Ser. No. P7 - Prototype
Contamination Meter No. 1
Other items of interest
TG-5-B with canvass case & HS-20 headphones
Brent Bevan - Short range Signal Lamp kit
GEE RF amplifier
Brent Bevan & John K.'s Rebecca photos
Stromberg-Carlson signalling lamp
Jan PA0CHS Fixing a WS19
1st Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
Bronzi Luca's Shack
Radio room of Brian Milroy, VE7LTC
Fred PA0MER in Dodge Radio Truck
Wireless Set No.19's Being built at RCA.
Fullerphone Mk. 4
1155 scale by Paul Galpin (ZR6ACV)
1155 adjustment points, Paul Galpin (ZR6ACV)
1155 Valve ID Labels by Paul Galpin (ZR6ACV)
1155 MOD Labels by Paul Galpin (ZR6ACV)
Brent Bevan's TypeX PSU photos
Brent Bevan's TypeX photos
Simon Buxton's 1154 plates
Aerial Base No.8 Adaptor "V" (Laport) Label
WS19 Variometer Tags
Mans Veldman, PA2HGJ
1155 replica dial
PDF version HERE
Charles Darby - Australian Rebecca & Eureka
Heliograhph 5" MK.V. list of spare parts Label,
Scan by Robert Ball.
Paul Galpin B40 panels
Paul Galpin B40 panels
Wireless Set No. 62 Transistorised PSU No. 36
High Resolution 1155 Dial Scan by Jim G4XWD
Fred Cornelius Mine Detector No. 4A
Canadian WS52 Aerial Tuning Chart ZA C000781416
WS22 Front Panel Decal - Paul Galpin
PCR Receiver Front Panel Decal - Paul Galpin
WS19 English Front Panel Decal - Paul Galpin
WS19 Russian/English Canadian Front Panel Decals - Paul Galpin
WS22/WS19 dial - Paul Galpin
WS22 Base plate dimensions - Paul Galpin
PCR Dial Black on White
PCR Dial White on Black

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