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WS19, WIRELESS SET NO 19, 19 SET, WS18, 18 SET, WS22, 22 SET, WS38, 38 SET

For the open exchange of information and opinions about collecting, restoring, maintaining, and operating the Wireless Set No. 19 and other HF radios used by the Allied forces during and after World War II. For organising operating events with the broadest possible participation. ALL collectors of vintage military communications equipment are most welcome.

Articles Section

Intercommunication Amplification, Wireless Set No 19 to Clansman by Mark Lane, August 2012
An Early BCC405 by Mark Lane
HFDF article written by Arthur O. Bauer
(see - Funkpeilung als alliierte Waffe gegen deutsche U-Boote 1939-1945
Automatic Calibration of Frequency Meters (BC221) by Joseph Tellier in May 1944 Electronics Magazine
DIY Frequency Charts for BC-221 and LM series Frequency Meters by Bob NA4G
The TRIFFID Tactical Radio Relay Equipment - R.I.Dow
Reprinted from Electronics and Power, July/August 1981 by kind permission of the IET.
1911 200 Mcs Radar Interrogator-Beacon Systems. by K. A. Wood.
Reproduced here by kind permission of permission of the IET
Summary of a talk by Major John Brown of SOE
This material is published with the kind permission of the copyright holders: the
British Vintage Wireless Society (BVWS) whose web-addess is:
Racal-Tacticom Consise Catalogue
All colour pages listing radio specifications
Racal-Tacticom Concise Catalogue
Wireless Set No19 MkII Practical Wireless Modifications
Reprint of original article
Hearing protection provided by Larkspur and Clansman headphones/headsets, by Mark Lane, Sept 2024

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