The Wireless-Set-No19 Group

The Wireless-Set-No.19 Established & Designed in England 1940

For the open exchange of information and opinions about collecting, restoring, maintaining, and operating the Wireless Set No. 19 and other HF radios used by the Allied forces during and after World War II. For organising operating events with the broadest possible participation. ALL collectors of vintage military communications equipment are most welcome.

WWII D-Day Radio Broadcasts.

Click on each file to hear the broadcast as it was.

All broadcasts are in MP3 format.

Alan Jackson CBS Naval Armada D-Day Bob Trout CBS, Germans Announce D-Day Begun 0200 hrs
Appeal for WAVs from CBS, Amanda of Honeymoon Hill Bob Trout CBS, Reads ONI Bulletin, SHAEF Communique No.1, 0331 hrs
Appeal for Women Workers from CBS CBS Gas Rationing PSA on ''The Open Door"
Aunt Jennie ''On CBS'' Spry's Real Life Stories CBS Quincy Hull's Assessment of Anglo-American Prestige on D-Day + 2
Bill Henry CBS House Reaction on D-Day 1535, Part 1 CBS Relay of BBC, Howard Marshall on His D-Day Landing Approx 1550 hrs
Bill Henry CBS House Reaction on D-Day 1535, Part 2 Charles Collingwood, LST Immediately Prior to D-Day Landings
Bill Henry CBS Pentagon's D-Day Military & Psychological Strategy Charles Shaw, D-Day +1, In Britain at 2045 hrs
Albert Leitsch CBS on DC Reaction to D-Day Charles Shaw, Dawn of D-Day + 1, In Britain, 2355 hrs
Bob Trout CBS, Bulletins, Approx 0310 hrs Charles Shaw CAN-News of D-Day in London

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