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Compendium 1 "Spark to Larkspur" (Wireless Sets 1910 - 1948) is the initial book organised into three main sections being 'World War 1', further divided into chapters covering spark sets, CW sets, receivers, amplifiers and miscellaneous. The second section, 'Interwar years' cover standard sets, experimental communication sets, experimental tank and AFV sets, early sets in the numerical series and miscellaneous items. Finally, the section 'World War 2' covers sets in the numerical series up to Wireless Set No. 88 AFV, Wavemeters, Aerial Coupling Equipment, Wireless Remote Control Units and Morse Training sets.

Radio Communication Equipment in the British Army

Wireless for the Warrior

Compendium 1
Spark to Larkspur (Wireless Sets 1910 to 1948)

By Louis Meulstee (PA0PCR)

563 photos/drawings and 354 pages

Pages from the book;

Table of contents WftW Compendium 1

WT Set Field 500 watt Spark

WT Set C Mk.II (portable)

Wavemeter Class A and B

Wireless Set No. 19 High Power

Wireless Set No. 38 Mk.II


The book is at present available:
In the Royal Signals Museum bookshop, the Radio Bygones web-shop and in the Netherlands direct from the publisher. For more details and price see

October 2009, Louis Meulstee (left) presents the first copy of Wireless for the Warrior ‘Compendium 1’ to
Tim Stankus Archivist of the Royal Signals Museum, Blandford Forum, UK

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