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For the open exchange of information and opinions about collecting, restoring, maintaining, and operating the Wireless Set No. 19 and other HF radios used by the Allied forces during and after World War II. For organising operating events with the broadest possible participation. ALL collectors of vintage military communications equipment are most welcome.

Battery Box 1

6 Volt 100-125 A.H. MK IV 1945
Top and bottom are 15.5" x 7.5"
Front and back are 15.5" x 11"
Sides are 11" x 7.75"
Wall thickness is .5"

This example has a single handle which was added to the top.
As produced, it would have had two handles with one at each
side and no handle on the top. Cable connections were front
the front at each end.

Battery Box 2

6 Volt 72 A.H. No. 2 1945
Top and bottom are 9.25" x 7.25"
Front and back are 10.25" x 9.25"
Sides are 10.25" x 7.25"
Wall thickness is .5"

This example has cable connection holes at each side.

Battery Box 3

6 Volt 85 A.H. MK II 1939
Top and bottom are 11.75" x 6.75"
Front and back are 11.75" x 9.25"
Sides are 9.25" x 6.75"
Wall thickness is 5/8"

This example had cable connection holes at each side. One side
is square as seen in the box 2 side photos and the other which
is shown in the box 3 side photo had been modified for the standard
brass round two prong plug fitting which allowed a cord to plug in
and screw on to secure it.

NOTE: All measurements are approximate.
Mike Buckley Battery Box Labels

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