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Telephone Sets

Telephone Set AN/GTC-17

Telephone Set EE-8

Telephone Set D MkIII*

Telephone Set F

Telephone Set F, High Power

Telephone Set L

Telephone Set J

Telephone Set, Lineman, BPO250

Telephone Set 706 BPO (Mod)

Telephone Set (Plan 8)

Telephone Set, 3 Telephones,
1 Wall Control Unit

Telephone, Loudspeaking No 2

Telephone Loudspeaking LOU-1

Telephone Set TP-9

Telephone Set UK/PTC-404

Telephone Set UK/PTC405


Monochord Switchboard

Switchboard 10-line Mark 236

Switchboard, Magneto, 10-Line

Switchboard, Telephone, Manual,
12-Line Magneto

Switchboard, Telephone, Manual
25-line Magneto

Switchboard, Telephone, Manual,
5-Exchange, 16-CB Extension Lines

Switchboard, Telephone, Manual,
3-Exchange, 9-External Lines

Switchboards, BD-71 and BD-72

Telegraph Switchboard, 40-Line

Exchange, Telephone, CB20

Exchange, Field, 40/160 Line

Exchange, Telephone, Automatic, 44/55v
 2-Exchange, 7-Extension Lines

Exchange, Telephone,
Automatic, 20-Line

Exchange, Telephone,
Automatic, 40-Line  

Exchange, Telephone, Automatic,
100/150 and 48/64-Line

Automatic Trunk Dialling
Directory Translator

Switchboard, Field & Fortress

Switchboard, Telephone, Manual,
SB-22/PT and SB-22A/PT

Telephone Central Office
Set TC-4

Ringing Convertor M-222

Unit Level Switchboard, 16-Line

Line Ancillaries

Box, Terminal, Signal Office
Frames, D & P, 10-wire

Apparatus, Cable Laying No 6A

Apparatus, Cable Laying, No 11

Barrows, Drum WD, Mk 4

Line Laying Installation in L/R Mk8

Wire Chief's Test Set EE-65-( )

Telephone Repeater, EE-89-A

Privacy Equipment,
No 1 Mks 1, 1*, 2 

Amplifier, Telephone, Field, No 1T

Repeater, Stabilised, 2-wire No.3

Repeater, Field Telephone No 1

Reeling Machine, Cable, Hand, No 12

Superposing Units (One Transformer)

Terminal Box, TA-125/GT

Tool, Hand Compression,
D10 & Lightwieght Quad

Telegraph Sets

Fullerphone Mk IV

Lamp, Signalling, Daylight

Telegraph Set TG-5A

Telegraph Terminal TH-5/TG

Teleprinter Sets

 Creed Model 7B Teleprinter

Printing Reperforator
No 1 and No 2 Mk I

Seimens T100/R Teleprinter

Teleprinter Sets AN/GGC-3( )
and AN/GGC-53( )

Radio Teletypewriter Set,
AN/GRC-122( ) and AN/GRC-142( )

Teletype Model 33

Telegraph Ancillaries

Receiver Adaptor, FS, C1

Receiver Adaptor, CFS

Adaptor, Radio Telegraph No 1

Modem, Radio Teletypewriter,

Relay Unit No 12

Lorenz Telegraph Adaptor TUS 01

Teleprinter Terminal Unit, 80+80v

Frequency Shift Keying
Adaptor H5011

Telegraph Signal Convertor

Teleprinter Conference Unit

Teleprinter Monitor Unit

Terminal Set, Telegraph, Net


Test Set IA-193

Monitor Telegraph Distortion
10-Channel No 1

Tester, Telegraph Distortion
and Margin, Portable, No 1

Creed Model 27 Relay

Telephone and Telegraph VF Equipment

Repeater, Carrier Telephone
No1 Mk II

Apparatus Carrier Telephone
1+3 Type CS3/CP

Carrier Set, Telephone, 1+4 No 3

Apparatus Carrier Telephone

Fwd Area 4-Channel
(TDM) Equipment

Speech+Duplex No 2

Telegraph Terminal, VF, 4/12 Channel

Telegraph Terminal VF, H5000/H5001

Convertor, Telephone-Telegraph
Signal, TA-182/U

Unit Signalling VF No3 Mk3


Control Unit C292( )/TRA-7

Carrier Link, Sound Ranging

Equipment Telephone Signalling
SAGW No 1 Mk I and No 2 Mk I

B70 Radio Relay Set

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