Rocking Armature Inserts

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Rocking Armature Inserts


Hosiden Besson is the foremost special in the design, manufacture and worldwide supplier of rocking armature transducers. These transducers fall into two major types; receivers and microphones.

This comprehensive range of inserts meet the majority of telephony applications, and we provide an exclusive service of design to cover all types of application that suit this technology.

The rocking armature technology provides an efficient, highly reliable and rugged insert of light weight construction, which can be used in all types of telephone handsets, aviator headsets, diving helmets and fist microphones where these inherent characteristics are of paramount importance.

  Product datasheet
Download English Rocking Armature Inserts Datasheet (PDF 180KB)



  • Efficient
  • Reliable and rugged
  • Lightweight construction
  • From a special in design and manufacture
  • Various terminations available: Locknuts for spade or ring terminals, tags for slide terminals or soldering
  • Weather proofing, sealed or anodised