BC-221 and TS-175 Frequency Meter Inverter

This is a 6 volt powered inverter to provide HT for the BC-221 and TS-175 Frequency Meters

The inverter is powered from 6 volts, the same LT supply as the frequency meter,
The 6 volt supply is fed to the inverter PCB, the PCB then provides the LT supply to the frequency meter.
When the frequency meter is switched on in the normal way, the inverter detects the LT current flow
and switches on the inverter to provide the HT supply.
The HT output is both voltage stabilised and current limited for maximum stability of the frequency meter.

No modifications to the frequency meter are required to use this HT inverter.
All connections to the PCB are screw terminals, no soldering required what so ever.

There is only 1 PCB available, after which no more PCBs will be made.
So get yours while you can.


The cost of a fully built and tested BC-221/TS-175 Inverter PCB is only GBP 54.99 + shipping.

The inverters are sold on a no profit basis, what it costs us to make the inverters is what it costs you to buy one.