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Disassembly of Microphone Capsule

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Microphone capsule in lathe chuck for removal of lip

Lip has been turned off. This can also be done with a file if a lathe is not available.

Protective screen and packing ring pulled off with hooked tool.

Detail of waterproof membrane with screen removed.

View of capsule showing diaphragm and clamp ring with membrane removed.

Rear view of capsule. Two screws hold outer pole piece in place. Hex bolt holds magnet and center pole piece. Electrical connection is between hex bolt head and clamp ring. The 6 screws on perimeter holds clamp ring and outer edge of diaphragm. Note Bakelite insulation on inside of outer capsule shell.

Closer view of capsule back.

Removing two screws in read of capsule separated outer pole piece, diaphragm, and clamp ring from inner iron shell, magnet, and pole piece. There is stuff like Plasticene surrounding the magnet and inner pole piece, possibly for acoustic reasons.

Disassembled view of outer pole piece, diaphragm, and clamp ring. Note the beautifully molded Bakelite diaphragm.

Photos kindly submitted by members of the Wireless-Set-No19 Group.
Our thanks to them for their kind help in submitting photos for us to use!

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