The Wireless-Set-No19 Group

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Wireless Set No.38 Mk III
Wireless set packed inside its Signals Satchel No. 10, ready for carrying

View from back of set showing webbing straps

The Bowden control cable and battery compartment can be seen (The battery compartment has a working battery installed).

Set all wired up and the to cover press studded back to allow the aerial to come out through top of bag.
The Operator's and Officer's audio equipment and the Bowden control cable for TX/RX and for switching the set on/off can be seen.

Metal Instruction Cards can be seen.

Close up of the front of the set, you can see the storage space for the antenna rods and you
can just make out the crystal calibrator in the bottom right of the Signals Satchel No. 10.
On the left you can just make out the storage space where the 150 volt/3 volt battery pack is located.

Aerial 34 ft. No. 3, ZA 26774

WS38 Mk III Tropicalised Spare valve kit.

Inside Views of WS38 MKk III
Under side of chassis

Side view

3 x ARP12 and 1 x ATP40 Valves (Tubes)

Top view

Crystal Calibrator No.9, this is bolted to the side of the WS38 Mk III & the WS38 Mk III plugs in to the cable from the calibrator to the battery. In an emergency should there be a cable fault, the WS38 Mk III can be plugged directly in to the battery, bypassing the calibrator. The power plug for the calibrator is identical to the power plug on the WS38, making this emergency procedure possible.

Inside view of calibrator

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