The Wireless-Set-No19 Group


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This was the first WS-62 transceiver that I have seen installed in a Willy’s jeep at reenactor's group in Beltring England.

Detailed photo WS-62 set mounting in the jeep.

Kees,PA7AM using the WS-62 set with remote-control in QSO on 3.705 AM with the SRS Surplus Radio Society on Sunday morning 10.00 am.

WS-19 MK3 installed in a Ford truck in Wings and Wheels in Ursel Belgian.

WS-19 MK3, of all the WS-19 sets I have seen installed in vehicles, this is the most original.

WS-19 SPF very special WS-19 transceiver used in Operation Fortitude in 1944.

How many WS-19 will you want???

Peter, G4PLW in his Bedford QLR radio truck , 4x4 3 ton truck. In the truck a WS-19 MK3 with the highpower MK2, WS-62, R-107 receiver.

Beltring England 2004-09-08

Photos from Wim van der Zwan

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