The Wireless-Set-No19 Group

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TCS-12 (RX bottom, TX top), RBB receiver(.5 - 4 MHz) , RBC receiver (4 - 27
MHz), LM-18 frequency meter on top of the RBC, TCM-2 transmitter (2-18 MHz,
CW/AM 125/35 W), TCM-2 PSU. Under the RBB/RBC are the low-band (.2-2 MHz)
and high-band (2 - 20 MHz) RBM-4 receivers.
Under the TCM-2 are the power supplies for the RBB and RBC, and the LM-18
PSU is under the RBB receiver.
The RBM power supply is not visible.
The TCS PSU is on the floor and not visible in the photo. All the equipment
is WW2 vintage, with 1943-1944 manufacturing dates.

The tall cabinet on the right which is partially visible is the Federal
Radio FT-102 MF/HF radio console from a WW2 Victory ship, containing a McKay
167-BY transmitter (2-18 MHz, 200 W CW) and an RCA Radiomarine AR-8506
receiver. Both carry 1944 manufacturing dates.


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