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Here are some photos of my 1956 Chevrolet Suburban Carryall. It was in active US Army Service at Fort Riley Kansas from 1956-1972 when it was sold at public auction to a volunteer fire department in Dorrance Kansas. It was used to fight fires until 1998 when I purchased it. I restored it back to US Army configuration with the help of the original Military data plate still fixed to the dashboard. It is now a Signal Corps Vehicle with many radios, telegraph and field telephone equipment from WWII thru the Viet Nam era. Equipment includes and VRC-8 complete setup, AN/GRC-9 (angry nine), several PRC-6 and PRC 10's, 3 SB-22 Switchboards, a DB-71 WWII switchboard, several ee-8, TA-312 and TA-1 field phones and several other support items. I just purchased a AN/GRR5 and a SCR-284 (BC-654) setup and found your site while looking for a TM 11-275 manual.

You can also go to the website below to see more photos of the vehicle as I restored it over a period of 2 years.



Roger Francis
Orlando FLorida

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