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Brent Bevan's "Rebecca"

TR3624, a pressurised cylinder 18" long x 11" dia. 6 male plug points with alloy caps.....I count 40 valves in it

In the centre cavity [receiver] at the left near the black air tube there is a brassy looking socket holding a glass tube. That tube is a thermal cutout or High Voltage delay device [can't remember which now]. So much for their modernisation and miniaturisation ! GEC [or is it STC] made some nice 7-pin timers in that era, so it is more likely a cut-out. I will check.


John Kaesehagen's Rebecca Photos

Aerial switch. This continuously switched between the left and right hand aerials for homing direction.
Needed quite a bit of careful adjustment apparently.

Side view of the coil and armature.
The armature disk axle sits on the knife edge.
The coil is the black bit on the RHS.
The coil pole piece can be seen going left horizontally from the coil and taking a 30 degree 'dive' as it approaches the disk and its small pole piece armature.
The heavy fixed lower spring of the contact set is silvery. Above that there is a coppery coloured spring. Follow it to the left and it takes a dive and can be seen sitting on a brownish rubbery insulating peg sticking out of the armature disk.

The conact is closed.
The coil's pole attracts that small pole on the armature, rotating the disk clockwise [top to right for the digital watch guys !].
That causes the rubber thing to open the contact; thus the coil lets go of the armature pole.
The disk oscillates.

Other side of the disk is shown.
Similar idea of rubber insulated pegs.
Those pegs operate the aerial contacts.


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