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The oldest known 19 Mk II made by Canadian Marconi.

By Jacques, VE2JFE


As a surprize, a new member of the group contacted me (Jacques) directly to ask if
I can put the serial number of his half-dozen WS19s into the “World Inventory”.
He included pictures of the one that has the lowest serial number:

Yes, you see right: Northern Electric CANADA 1942, SN C127



1 - The first production Canadian Northern Electric units were not lettered in English and Cyrillic like the ones produced later.
In that respect, they were looking like the first US-made MkII from RCA, except that the meter is not an American one
(this is a British Weston fitted there) and the Set B tuning wheel is clearly British-made also (same model than the British MkII and MkIII sets).

Britain sent those parts to NE in Montreal to have the production started ? Very possible.
From the under chassis picture, we can see that the parts used, res, caps, micas, coils, etc. are clearly Canadian/American made.
The parts layout is the same than the later NE sets, except that the paper caps are rated at 400V instead of 500V as with the ones used later.
They also seems to be made by Aerovox (which was a supplier of NE, and this to the end of production).

2 - I have believed, until I see this unit pictures, that NE began serialising it’s production at C-1000.
But now, it could be that they begun at C-100 or even at C-001.
We can then determine the manufacturing date of this set as February, 1942 or early March 1942 at the latest,

Because of:



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